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Accessing CRM Information in the web application

In order to use RingByName™ CRM, you must be logged into the web application. If you are not already logged in, you may do so by going to on your preferred web browser.  Once logged in, authorized users may access CRM information in any of the following ways:

Creating and Viewing Sales Opportunities by clicking  on the CRM from the main navigation bar

Begin by clicking on the CRM icon located on the main navigation bar near the top of the window. A listing of all your open sales opportunities will appear in the center panel of the application.
If you click on any entry, the details will be displayed and can be edited.

Searching for opportunities

You may search for an opportunity by the name of the opportunity in the search bar and clicking on apply or pressing the enter button on your keyboard.
If you click on any entry, the details will be displayed and can be edited.

Sorting by Opportunity Status

You may sort your opportunties by their status (Attemplted, Contacted, Qualified, etc) by clicking on the drop down on the CRM bar, then clicking apply.
If you click on any entry, the details will be displayed and can be edited.


Creating and Viewing Sales Opportunities from a Contact Card

  1. Locate and open the contact card of the customer

  2. Click on the CRM history icon located below the contact card details.

  3. Click on the desired opportunity entry to view or edit.

  4. To create a new opportunity click on the new CRM icon located in the Note area of the contact. Only bold fields need to be filled out for new opportunities. 

Can other team members see my CRM Entries?

CRM can be used in competitive sales offices, or cooperative sales offices. There are a few ways to share CRM entries, and to keep them private to ensure your leads belong to you! 

By Default, all CRM entries are unique and only viewable by you and by Administrators in the administrative CRM section. No other team members can view your CRM entries. Admins will be able to edit CRM entries, but they won't be able to add new updates to a CRM entry. 

If we wanted to, what are some ways we can use CRM cooperatively with our team? 

There are a few ways to share your CRM views/entries. Any users using CRM can be given admin access so they can view the full list of CRM entries and know all the CRM entries open at a single time. 

Here both agents Markall and Lucia can see that they're working with the same client, on very very different deals! If this is too much information for these agents to share with one another, then there's the R! OX notes system. Much like CRM entries, general notes can be tied to a contact. Since all agents can see all contacts but only their OWN CRM entries, notes make for a perfect tool to alert the team of any calls your expecting. 

Here we see notes that both agents left the other showing communication and a reminder when that caller calls in. Notes appear on inbound call popups by a contact as well to remind agents receiving calls the last action taken with a client. 

Any other ways to work cooperatively? 

Some other clients have opted to work cooperatively in other ways. you can have a dedicated company-wide CRM user be a separate login for all agents. This "CRM User" can be where all agents host their CRM entries, sharing the same login. Others have opted to name contacts they create with their name beside it. Identifying the R! Contact they create as 'AAA Defense School - Lucia's contact'. 

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