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Intercom Paging on RingByName

RingByName's powerful cloud-based system includes an intelligent intercom system which allows callers to dial a code to announce a call or locate someone in the office without waiting for the other person to pick up the phone. With a few simple button pushes, you can announce visitors, or initiate hands-free conversations with colleagues.

Is there an additional cost for intercom service?

There is no additional cost for the intercom service. It is included on all RingByName accounts. The service will only work on compatible VoIP devices and will not work with any equipment connected using an analog adapter. 

Is the intercom service compatible with my phones?

The devices we currently offer and the majority of the devices we've offered in the past all work with the page group feature. Devices purchased through Ringbyname including Yealink, Cisco SPA, and Polycom devices all can take advantage of this feature. Vtech devices unfortunately cannot use this feature. If your using your own devices, Yealink, Cisco work out of the box. Polycom and Grandstream require additional settings to use page groups. Additional phone models may work! Contact our support team at 855-345-7464 to try the feature with your devices!   

How do I make an intercom call to a colleague?

To initiate an intercom call, dial *0 followed by the extension number. You will hear a single ring and will then be connected to the extension.


What happens if the person is already on the phone when I intercom them?

If the extension is already in use, they will hear a call waiting tone so they may choose whether or not to place their active call on hold and answer the intercom call. You will hear ringing until the user places their active call on hold and answers the intercom page.

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