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Unreturned Calls Report

What is the Unreturned Calls report?

Our customers told us they wanted a way to see all the Unreturned Calls quickly, in one list, and be able to take action for each call on the same screen. So RingByName built a solution into our already amazing software to make that happen. Now our customer, who receives hundreds of calls a day, can assign one employee to monitor this Unreturned Calls list and manage any calls that were not answered by other departments right away. 

One of the most important metrics used by Sales Departments and Contact Centers is Unreturned Calls (sometimes referred to as abandoned calls). The unreturned call metric refers to any call which is not answered and where an outbound return call has not been to the customer, or where a subsequent call has not been during a specified period of time.

Why is the Unreturned Call Report useful?

Many businesses use this report for a variety of reasons, including: 
·         To base their staffing levels and scheduling around the peak call hours for their business
·         To return calls to prospective clients looking for information about their service
·         To return calls to existing customers and to provide an additional level of customer service
·         To maximize conversion rates on their leads

Where can I access the Unreturned Calls Report as an Admin?

The Unreturned Calls are listed within the Call Monitoring area of the system administration portal. To access them, click on your name located in the top-right corner of the screen and click on "System Administration" in the drop-down menu

Click on the Monitoring icon located along the top navigation area.

First, generate an on-demand report, select the desired date range, the desired department, and click on search.

Next, click on the "view" link in the Unreturned call box located at the right-most position.

The Unreturned Calls report will list all unreturned calls at the top of the screen for the selected time period. The report will include the date and time of the call, the caller's number, their name (based on the Caller ID or stored contact information), and the number of times their call has been missed during the selected reporting period. Located to the right of all unreturned calls, three action icons appear: call, SMS, and Note.

Calls can be moved from the Unreturned Call section to the Handled Call section by clicking on one of the action items.

Where can I access the Unreturned Calls Report as a User?

Any user, with the right permissions set in the admin, can see a new Unreturned Call screen. This great new feature creates a list of any calls that were not answered and allows you to take action from one screen to return the call, send a SMS, or make a note.

To view the Unreturned Calls screen;
• Click on 'your name' in the top right hand corner of the R! app
• Next, click on 'Go to Unreturned Calls'
Please note: this option will only apear if the user has been given permission to view Unreturned Calls by an admin. Please ask you admin to give you access or call 885-345-RING.

Handling Unreturned Calls

The following actions can be taken:

  • Returning a Call: Clicking on the return call icon will launch a call to your extension. Once answered, your call will be connected to the target number. It is important if using this feature to login using the credentials associated with your extension, registered device, or mobile device. 
  • Sending an SMS Message: This option allows you to send a text message to the target number. Once sent, the call will automatically be moved to the handled call area.
  • Marking the call Handled or returned with a call note: This option allows you to annotate the call and move it to the handled call list. This option is ideal for documenting calls that are not valid sales calls, such as telemarketing or wrong number dials.

Whenever an action is taken, a call gets moved down to the Handled Calls section. If for example, if you tried to call a person back and you were sent to voicemail and you left a message, you can leave a note that you left a voice message with what you said. A note can be added or edited at any time by clicking on the pencil icon to the right of the handled call. R! Tip: Try sorting Handled Calls by Duration with the shortest calls first. The calls that are the shortest in duration are most likely the calls you were only able to leave a voice message for and were not actually able to talk to.

Both Unreturned Calls and Handled Calls are stored in R! solution for 10 days. If you wish to store your records for longer than that, you can export either list as a CSV whenever you want. It will export the complete list you have at that time. 

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