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How to Add a Contacts through the Web Application

The contact screen gives you quick access to all of your company’s shared contacts in a searchable list, and also plays a role with different features such as call pop up, SMS, greet by name, and E-fax. 

Who can add contacts?

Anyone who has credentials to log in to RingByName application can add contacts. You can be a regular user or administrator to add contacts.
Only the creator of the contact can delete, or edit the contact. 

How can I add a contact?

Login to your RingByName account by going to and inserting your credentials. 

Once you're logged in to your RingByName homepage, go to the left side of the screen by "Contacts" and to the right of it, select the "Add Contact" icon of the face with the green "+" sign

A new screen will appear to fill out the contact information. Once the contact information is filled out, click save. 

Notice on the top-right side of the page there is a section called "Groups". This section allows you to save your contacts in different groups to allow you to sort your contacts for better searches and data.

Example: You met 100 people at a tradeshow called "Telecom". When adding these contacts you will add a group called "Telecom Tradeshow". When you run a search using the word "Telecom Tradeshow", only the contacts under that group will show.

You can search for contact first and last names, phone numbers, and group names under the Contact search bar on the left side of your screen under the "Contacts" section. 


Clicking on any contact will open the contact card for the selected individual and allowing you to quickly access call notes, calendar, call history, SMS, E-Fax, and launch phone calls.
To dial your contact, simply click on the number on the desired contact to begin a call. RingByName will use 'Quick Call' to call your mobile device or desk phone and then connect you with the other party once you answer the phone. 

Our goal at RingByName is for all of our customers to best manage the phone system according to their business needs.

For this reason, we offer a training program at the user level to help your team take advantage of all the live data and features we offer. We also offer administrative level training so you and your administrators are able to update the configuration of your system to suit your business needs. All of our training is done with designated specialists looking to better your business.

To schedule a session, open the following link and follow the instructions on the screen. To get the most value out of Ringbyname, we advise you sign up for a training session in the morning hours after 9:00 AM.

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