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Permissions Control

What are Permission Controls?

Permission controls allow administrators to restrict access to call logs, call status indicators, and to grant access to reporting and live call monitoring to department managers.

Permission controls can be set for both department members and for department managers. Each of these is slightly different:

·         Permission Groups allow you to grant a set of permissions to a specific group of people in a department, such as limiting access to view or change settings. Click on an existing group name to edit or Add a New Group to create one.

·         The Department Manager list allows you to specify a manager for each department in your account. Managers can access live call statistics and reports for their assigned groups without administrative privileges to your RingByName account. Click on a department to assign managers.


What are Permission Controls used for?

Permission controls allow administrators to restrict access to call logs, call status indicators, and to grant access to reporting and live call monitoring to department managers. This is ideal in situations where you may want to limit the amount of information that users can see, for example, limiting users so that they cannot see the call history of an HR Department or Executives in the company.

Where can I access permission controls?

Within the web application, click on your name located in the top-right corner of the screen and click on "System Administration" in the drop-down menu. 

If this option is not visible, you do not have manager permissions or are not a system administrator. For access, please contact your system administrator or RingByName Technical Support.

Then, click on "RingByName Setup", then on the "Permissions" icon located at the bottom of the RingByName Setup options

How do I edit or create a new permission group?

To edit an existing permission group, click on the name of the group you wish to edit from the list of Permission Groups. To create a new permission group, click on the "Add New Group" option located at the top right corner of the Permissions Group area.

In the third column, name or edit the permission group, select any access restrictions required, the users to which they will apply, and then click on save.

To delete a permissions group, scroll to the bottom of the permission group settings and click on the "Remove Group" option. Then click on the acknowledgment screen to continue.

What are the configurable permission options? 

The configurable permission options/ restrictions are:

·         View only assigned departments: this will restrict any assigned members to viewing only the call activity, call history, and live call status (presence) to only their own calls and to those calls for the departments in which they are assigned.

·         Disable changing Outbound Caller ID: this prevents the selected user from being able to change the Outbound Caller ID for their extension in the web application. The Outbound Caller ID will remain the one assigned by the administrator in the user settings area.

·         Prevent receiving departmental calls: this option suppresses department calls from ringing on the group member's telephone.

·        Hide Team Activity: this option hides the call log for the department from members of the group.  

·         View only their own sent faxes: this option prevents group members from viewing any faxes they have not sent or that are exclusively assigned to them (they are the only individual with access to the fax number).

·         Access to Reporting and Monitoring (Manager View): this option grants members access to the call reporting and call monitoring features in the system administration areas, and only to reports and live views to the departments/ groups to which they are assigned. Members will not have access to any other configuration setting in RingByName unless they are System Administrators.

·         Unreturned Calls: this option will allow members to access the Unreturned Calls report.

·         View only owned recordings: this option will allow members to see only their own recordings and no other user’s recordings.

·         Allow CRM Management: this option allows members to access CRM options in Admin (CRM reports, CRM Configuration). If the member has access to create/edit CRM, the system will allow the member to edit any opportunities.


How do non-Administrator users access Reporting, Monitoring, CRM management and other permissions they have enabled?

Within the web application, click on your name located in the top-right corner of the screen and click on "Access Account Features" in the drop-down menu.

How do I Configure Department Manager?

In the Department Managers section, click on the name of the department for which you would like to designate one or more managersThe system will load a list of all the members of the selected department in the last column.

Click to select the individual(s) that should be managers. Please note, that these permissions will apply based on the group permissions assigned above.

Our goal at RingByName is for all of our customers to best manage the phone system according to their business needs.

For this reason, we offer a training program at the user level to help your team take advantage of all the live data and features we offer. We also offer administrative level training so you and your administrators are able to update the configuration of your system to suit your business needs. All of our training is done with designated specialists looking to better your business.

To schedule a session, open the following link and follow the instructions on the screen. To get the most value out of Ringbyname, we advise you sign up for a training session in the morning hours after 9:00 AM.  


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