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Transferring calls directly to Voicemail (Direct to Voicemail Transfer)

Can I transfer RingByName calls I have answered directly to voicemail?

Have you answered a call transferred to you from the office and need to transfer it to another colleague who is currently busy and can't take the call? With Direct To Voicemail Transfer from RingByName, you can.

Direct To Voicemail Transfer is a simple but useful new feature for RingByName. Coworker still on call, in a meeting, or otherwise occupied? Send that call straight to their voicemail saving both the customer and your associate time with no unnecessary ringing. Is an entire department busy with calls being handled by an assistant? Transfer those calls directly to a shared department voicemail so the next available agent can get to that voice message. 

Transferring a call directly to voicemail:

While on the call dial transfer then:

Then dial the extension you would like to transfer the call to the voicemail box of, followed by the Tran(s) or Blind Trans key. If you performed an attended transfer, quickly hangup to complete the transfer.

Does Direct to Voicemail Transfer only work on my desk phone?

No, Direct to Voicemail Transfer can be used with various Grandstream, Vtech, and Yealink desk phones, but also works with any softphones that have a transfer function available!

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