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Adding and Event Sharing on Your RingByName Portal

Did you know that with RingByName you have the ability to host department events or company wide events with the mobile and web application?

Have an important department meeting with your department? Is there a VIP client coming in? Maybe you just want to send reminders for the annual office party? RingByName allows quick and easy event sharing with Users, Departments, and people outside your office as well. 

Events are made either in a contact or via the Events tab at the top of your Ringbyname portal. Start by clicking on the Event Tab. It'll display any pending events you have.
You can click on the 'red circle' to mark an event 'seen' and turn the icon gray. You can opt out of an event by clicking on the black 'x' icon. You can completely delete the event by selecting the trash icon. You can also share the event with other users, departments, or emails with the 'blue share' icon. Let's go over creating an event!

To create an event, select the 'event green + icon' on the far right of the event sub menu. You can add any details or location information in the event description. 
Under "When's it due?" you can set a time or date for the event. 

Under "Choose a category" you can select or create a category for the event. 

Finally under "Invite" you can select users or departments to invite to the event. Any user selected will see the event appear in their event sub menu, and in their "Upcoming Events" section on the home screen. For swift sharing, you can select the checkbox at the bottom to invite everyone in the company to your event.  

If you forgot to invite some coworkers or want to invite some third parties to your event, you can select the 'blue share' icon on an existing event and add additional users, departments, or email people outside the company. 


Anyone invited by email will receive a notification much like the sample below with all of the event details!


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