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Call Barge Whisper Groups - Monitor and Train Effectively

RingByName now offers Call Barge and Whisper Groups for your business allowing you to monitor employee calls, privately provide the agent or customer with suggestions for critical cases or training purposes. 

  • What are Barge and Whisper Groups?
  • How do I create a Barge/Whisper Group?
  • How do I use the Barge/Whisper/3-way call modes?
  • What is the cost of Barge/Whisper Groups?
  • Why can't I use a particular code?
  • What devices work with page groups?
  • Why can't I add a particular user to a Barge/Whisper Groups?

    What are Barge and Whisper Groups?

    Barge and Whisper groups are used across businesses to both monitor and train entire departments. They can be used to manage agents, and assist either the agent or customer privately or cooperatively on calls meriting supervisory assistance in the quickest way possible. The way a barge/whisper group works is a private code representing a group of users is dialed, then a user's extension belonging to that group is dialed. The call can then be monitored live. Different keys can be dialed while on the call to speak privately with either the agent (whisper), the customer (Barge), or both. There is a key dedicated to ending the whisper/barge after its used. Barge/Whisper groups are available to all RingByName customers and can be enabled in minutes.

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    How do I create a Barge/Whisper Group?

    To create a Barge/Whisper group on your RingByName system, begin by logging into the system administration panel. In the web application, click on your name in the top-right corner and click on the "Go to System Administration" link.

    Next, from the Navigation bar at the top of the screen, select "RingByName Setup".

    Then click on the "Permissions" link on the left side of the screen.

    You will see the listing of Barge/Whisper Groups in your RingByName system. Near the very bottom of the page you'll see the Barge/Whisper section. To add a Barge/Whisper group, select "Add Barge Group" on the top right.

    Each Barge Group is assigned a name, a code, and a list of bargers and targets for the code. Select a name for your page group. Next select a code. It must be between 1 and 2 digits, and can't be the same as any existing barge codes.

    Next, select the users that are going to be able to barge, whisper, and monitor the target's calls. 


      Next, select the users that are going to be able to be the targets (users you can listen/barge). and select save at the bottom. 

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    How do I use the Barge/Whisper/3-way call modes?

    Barge, Whisper, and 3 way calling are all possible with this feature. To use them, dial the barge code, then the extension you want to monitor. For example, let's say we want to monitor Extension 205, Mike in the Customer service group. 

    We would dial Star, 8, Star, 205. This would begin monitor mode. 
    We can now Dial 1 To speak privately with the customer/caller.
    We can now Dial 2 To speak privately with the extension/agent.
    We can now Dial 3 To speak in a 3-way conversation with customer and agent. 
    We can now Dial 0 To return to the monitor-only mode. 

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    What is the cost of the Barge Whisper Groups?

    We offer competitive pricing for use of this feature to Ringbyname customers! The feature is a monthly $29.95.  Reach out to our service team at (855) 345-7464 to have this feature added. To best take advantage of this feature we recommend having at least one department with a manager and an employee. you'll need at least two users so one can monitor as well as barge and whisper to help the other. The more employees you have the more useful the feature is!

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    Why can't I use a particular barge code?

    It's already in use. A small few barge codes belong to codes that can't be used in combination with the various other features we provide. You can delete any unused barge codes to instead use those codes for other barge groups. 

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    What devices work with Barge/Whisper groups?

    The devices we currently offer and the majority of the devices we've offered in the past all work with the page group feature. Devices purchased through Ringbyname including Yealink, Cisco SPA, and Polycom devices all can take advantage of this feature. Vtech devices unfortunately cannot use this feature. If your using your own devices, Yealink, Polycom, Grandstream, and Cisco work out of the box. Additional phone models may work! Contact our support team at 855-345-7464 to try the feature with your devices!

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    Why can't I add a particular user as a target or barger to a Barge/Whisper Groups? 

    If the user is already a barger, they can't also be a target in that group. The same rules apply if they are already a target in that group; They can't also be a barger. You can add a second barge group and divide up agents who need to both monitor others and be monitored by others. 

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