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Quick Call - Working Remotely

Quick call is a Ringbyname feature used to make calls that show your business number. It's used alongside of cell or landline forwarding, but can also be used with your deskphones or softphone apps.

 Quick call can be accessed from the main page on your Ringbyname account. Clicking on the Quick Call Icon shows all your most recent calls in a list as quick callback options. 


Clicking on the Dialer Icon pulls up a dialer screen for any numbers you'd like to manually dial. After selecting the green phone icon to the right of a recent call, or hitting the blue dial button in the dialer, you'll see 'Connecting you now' at the top.  Any phone active on your extension/user will begin ringing. Once you answer the call, it will begin sending a business call from that phone.  


Why isn't quick call working?   
If the device you want to make the
call from doesn't ring, please check that its enabled in 'Receive Calls At' section found on the top right.
The Ringbyname Web Application and mobile app can only make direct calls when a desk phone, cell phone, or mobile app like Zoiper are installed.  

Can I use Quick Call from my mobile? 
Using the ringbyname Mobile app you can use quickcall on your app the same way you would from your desktop! 
Just open your ringbyname mobile app, select the phone icon at the bottom of the screen,  then select the dialer on the top right, or one of the numbers in your call list that you'd like to contact. It will begin ringing your cell to start the call from your business number. 

Why isn't Quick Call working from mobile?
If the device you want to make the
call from doesn't ring, please check that its enabled in 'Receive Calls At' section. Tap the menu key on the top right, and check 'receive calls at'. Clicking on the plus icon by 'cell phones and landlines' will let you add a cell phone to use Quick Call with. Use the Swipe gesture, swiping any entries to the left if you want to edit, enable, disable, or delete them. 

Why isn't quick call working with my cell? 
It's important to note that quick call at this time sends whatever number is dialed as the caller ID. While Ringbyname allows all of these caller IDs to ring the lines, most cell phone carriers will block calls from numbers like 105, 1223, and calls from themselves. So while extensions can be called internally using quickcall, its not possible to send these calls to cell phones where carriers are blocking these numbers.

The alternative we recommend is dialing the full direct DID of an associate or calling the company number using quickcall, then dialing their extension. 

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