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RingByName Meet

The world has changed. Video and remote collaboration have never been so important. RingByName Meet is designed to help our employees, customers, and their families communicate easily, efficiently, and for free.

How is RingByName Meet different than other video collaboration solutions?

  • RingByName Meet is easy to use!
  • One-click to create a conference – nothing to install and configure
  • Share a link with your colleagues, customers, or friends!

RingByName Meet is secure and private

  • If you are concerned about privacy, RingByName Meet is the answer
  • All communications are secure and encrypted
  • We do collect performance and analytics data in order to keep our services stable, however, we do not collect any personal information
  • Passwords are automatically set on meeting creation and appended to the meeting invite link
  • Therefore the password is always used, but you don't have to enter it as it's part of the invite link

RingByName Meet is high-definition by default

No need to adjust your settings to experience high definition Video

RingByName Meet is free and unlimited

There is no 40-min maximum meeting time limit, unlike some competitors 

How many participants can I host on RingByName Meet?

In order to keep the usage fair we have limited the per room participant capacity to 30.
This number may change in the future.

Do I need special software to run RingByName Meet?

On Desktop

RingByName Meet will run inside your browser at
For the best experience, we recommend using Google Chrome.
Other supported browsers: Microsoft Edge, Firefox.

On Mobile

RingByName is releasing RingByName Meet mobile app for iOS and Android
coming soon!

How much bandwidth/internet speed do I need to run RingByName Meet?

RingByName Meet will auto-adjust based on your internet speed and estimated processing available on your machine.
Average HD (1080p or 720p) session can take between 2-3Mbps, up and down.

You can choose the video quality that is being transmitted to your computer by clicking "Manage Video Quality".
Then select "Low Resolution" in order to reduce the internet bandwidth requirements.

Note: The setting above only tells the server what Video Quality to send to your computer.
Your computer will still be pushing HD video to the server, if other participants choose to receive their Video in HD.
Therefore, all participants must choose choose SD or Low definition in order to reduce bandwidth requirements.

Is RingByName Meet Secure?

Yes. RingByName Meet is secure and encrypted, thus audio and video transmitted from your computer through the internet is secure and cannot be listened to by a third party. The underlying technology is based on WebRTC which is already part of today's modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox.

RingByName does not record or store any personal data on our servers. We do collect performance and analytics data in order to monitor and keep the service stable.

RingByName Meet also auto-configures passwords on meeting creation, which is appended to the meeting invite link. This increases the security of the conference since only participants with access to the password can join the meeting.

Does RingByName Meet offers dial-in numbers?

Not at this time. RingByName Meet is working on dial-in numbers.

How can I change the meeting password?

The meeting password and PIN are set by default. However, you can change the password by: 
  1. Click on the lock icon in the  bottom right corner of the screen
  2. Click on Add Password
  3. Type in your new password
  4. Press <ENTER> to save the new password

Once you create a new password, you can copy the new link and share it with your colleagues.


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