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R! Meet Collaborate and Create Video Conference Rooms

R! Meet Collaborate and Create Video Conference Rooms

RingByName now offers R! Meet, a service to connect with co-workers, customers, and partners through video conference.  
R! Meet can be accessed from the main page on the RingByName web application.

How do I create a new conference room?

Once in R! Meet you can create a new room and go to the video conference. 
If you want to make your new room permanent, you should check the option "Make created room permanent". That way the new room will be listed in the list of created rooms below. 

Actions for created Rooms 

From the list of created rooms, you can "Join", "Copy Link" or "Remove" any existing room. 

Join: allows to go to the video conference.
Copy Link: allows to copy the link to send to other parties.
Remove: allows to remove the existing room. Any R! user in that account can delete rooms even when they have been created by another user.


Actions in the video conference

The video conference is launched in a new window in your browser. 
To avoid conflicts with the room names, The R! web application generates a unique identifier for each room followed by the room name. 
The video conference window offers some actions:


Action Group 1

This action group allows you to invite more participants with a sharable URL link, email based link sharing the option to embed the conference in your website, and it provides a dial in code with a secure pin for participants to call into the conference via phone. Additional numbers to dial in with can be seen by clicking 'More numbers'.

Action Group 2

This action group shows all participants in the video conference on the right-hand side of the screen. There's a sub menu icon for each participant letting you mute them, mute all other users, grant them the moderator role (if you're a moderator), kick them out (if you're a moderator), send them a private message, or adjust the volume. 

Action Group 3

This action group allows you to access the side chat on the left-hand side of the screen, as well hand raising to get moderator attention, and smart screen sharing. The smart screen sharing allows you to specify a screen, an application window, or even a specific chrome tab you want to share. You can also choose whether or not to include audio with the checkbox 'Share audio'. 

Action Group 4

This action group allows you to enable/disable your microphone and camera. You can toggle which camera and microphone you use by clicking on the smaller arrow icon in each bubble. You can also select the red hang up icon to disconnect from the conference. 

Action Group 5

This action group allows you to change the view of participants from column to tiled, invite more people, enable security options, and access to Advanced actions.
  • The icon with 4 squares changes the view of participants.
  • The person icon with the + lets you add participants
  • The shield icon brings up security options
  • The '3 dotted icon' brings up Advanced Actions

Security Options

Security options include a lobby mode to protect your meeting from outside parties requiring a moderator to approve their access. Passwords can be added before access is granted, and end to end encryption is available but this feature is currently in beta. 

Advanced Actions

Advanced actions include the following features:
  • User settings (your name) - to update your devices, language, or your current name.
  • Manage video quality - lets you adjust quality to improve conference performance. Automated adjustments will be made if none are selected.
  • Full screen mode - Enables full screen mode.
  • Start live stream - Used for live announcements when more than 30 agents need to hear your conference. They can also be saved to your company's Youtube channel. More details are found below.
  • Start recording - Starts recording the conference to any Dropbox account you have linked. All recordings will be saved in Dropbox under Apps/Ringbyname Meet/Recordings/ in your linked Dropbox account.
  • Share a Youtube video - You can share any youtube URL with all members of the conference. Only one video can be shared at a time, but the person sharing the video can opt to stop sharing it. 
  • Blur my background - This is a beta feature that blurs the background. It has high bandwidth use to perform this function. 
  • Settings - This is identical to 'User Settings' above.
  • Mute everyone - This action mutes all users.
  • Speaker stats - This action shows you how long each person has been speaking.
  • Embed meeting - This action provides html code to include the meeting room on a website.
  • View shortcuts - This action shows you a legend with all the hotkeys for swift video conferencing use. 

Start Live Stream Conference With Live Announcements 

Live Stream conferencing is recommended to share announcements/conferences within your business or team particularly if you have a large number of agents who need details from your announcement. They can also be uploaded to your youtube channel for any agents who miss the announcement/conference.

When you select 'Start Live Stream' from the Advanced Actions, you're prompted to enter a Youtube Live Stream key. To obtain your live stream key, you or your business need an active youtube account. 

Once you have a youtube account, visit and log into your account. On the top right, select your user icon, and select "Youtube Studio" from the dropdown.

Once in Youtube Studio, select 'Go Live' on the far right. 

If this is your first time using youtube for streaming or storing announcements, you'll see this popup. Select 'Start', then 'Go'
with the Stream method. 


Be sure you click 'Allow' to permit microphone and camera use for your announcement. Give your stream a title,
select 'not for kids', and click save. 

We're finally at the stream key section! On the streaming screen, select 'copy' by your hidden 'Stream Key'. This is the value you'll need for your R! Meeting announcement. 

Back at your R! Meet Conference screen, right-click and select Paste. Then select "Start live stream". 

Your live stream will begin and you'll be able to share your live stream with the stream URL provided on the page. It can be shared with any parties you need seeing the announcement/conference. You can select End Stream at the top-right to end it when finished.

Once a stream is finished you can select Dismiss to automatically upload it to your youtube channel. If you select 'Edit in studio' you'll be able to modify it or keep it unlisted if needed. 

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