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R! Meet Live Streaming Conferences and Announcements

R! Meet Live Streaming Conferences and Announcements

R! Meet, the video conferencing feature has even more features for your business needs! R! Meet now includes live streaming for video conferencing so when you need to share video collaboration with more than 30 participants you can perform a livestream and share the stream URL with any agents who don't need to participate, but who still need information the conference participants provide. Video sharing has also been added so participants can all watch the same online youtube video, in addition to the various screen sharing options already provided. 

R! Meet can be accessed from the main page on the RingByName web application.

Once in R! Meet, Launch or Join your video conference.

Live Stream Your Video Conference

The video conference is launched in a new window in your browser. On the bottom right, select the '3 dotted icon' then select 'Start live stream'. 


How to Start Your Live Stream Conference Or Announcements

When you select 'Start Live Stream' from the Advanced Actions, you're prompted to enter a Youtube Live Stream key. To obtain your live stream key, you or your business need an active youtube account. 

Once you have a youtube account, visit and log into your account. On the top right, select your user icon, and select "Youtube Studio" from the dropdown.

Once in Youtube Studio, select 'Go Live' on the far right.

If this is your first time using youtube for streaming or storing announcements, you'll see this popup. Select 'Start', then 'Go'
with the Stream method.


Be sure you click 'Allow' to permit microphone and camera use for your announcement. Give your stream a title,
select 'not for kids', and click save.

We're finally at the stream key section! On the streaming screen, select 'copy' by your hidden 'Stream Key'. This is the value you'll need for your R! Meeting announcement.

Back at your R! Meet Conference screen, right-click and select Paste. Then select "Start live stream".

Your live stream will begin and you'll be able to share your live stream with the stream URL provided on the page. It can be shared with any parties you need seeing the announcement/conference. You can select End Stream at the top-right to end it when finished.

Once a stream is finished you can select Dismiss to automatically upload it to your youtube channel. If you select 'Edit in studio' you'll be able to modify it or keep it unlisted if needed.

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