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Additional Methods For Internal Communication

Additional Methods For Internal Communication

Many businesses have departments or groups that their internal staff need to reach out to often, sometimes daily. Ringbyname provides many options and creative ways to accomplish internal communication with ease for your teams. Often used by IT, HR, and other internal departments. We've listed various methods clients are currently using to communicate.

  • R! Face - R! Face can be used from the main webapp screen. Agents can tap the video icon by a member of the internal team they're trying to reach. They'll be invited to a 1 on 1 video chat.
    For more details on R! Face Click Here

  • Dedicated company DID - A DID can be dedicated and provided internally to all staff with menu options and departments. All internal teams that would commonly be contacted can be listed within the menu. 
    For more details on building a company menu Click Here

  • Discrete Department Options -  All menus allow callers to dial department extensions to connect to various teams. Department extensions can be internally shared with all staff so they know what to dial to quickly reach the team they need to speak with.
    For more details on adding department extensions Click Here     

  • SMS Messaging - Any company number can have agents dedicated to it who will all see and share the same SMS inbox to reply to internal staff messages. Direct DIDs can also be used but are unique to every agent. SMS email notifications can also be enabled.
    For more details on SMS Messaging Click Here       

  • R! Meet - Internal departments working remote can create permanent R! Meet rooms so any agent logged in can go to the R! Meet tab, and select the room of the team they need to communicate with.
    For more details on R! Meet Click Here    

Please call us at 855-345-7464 if you'd like assistance with setting up any of these internal communication options. 

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