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Menu Setup

Setting up a menu in Ringbyname is as easy as 1, 2, 3! The Menu Settings can be accessed by clicking on the "Menu" link on the navigation pane along the left side of the page of the Administration Panel.

Click on the "Menu" tab on the navigation bar

What is a Menu?

A menu is a popular method for directing callers to specific extensions or to groups of people within your company by reading them a menu of preconfigured choices. It is commonly used in incoming call answering services to provide the callers with the experience of a large company and to efficiently direct them to those people within your organization who can most effectively serve the customer.

By default, your RingByName system comes with two departments already set up and ready to use, SALES and TECHNICAL SUPPORT.  By clicking on the '+' button, we can expand the menu, so that you can see it visually.

As you can see above, the Company Menu will present callers with to options. When routed to this menu, callers will hear:

"For Computer Service, press 1. For Computer Support, press 2".

How do we change the default menu options?

First begin by clicking on the Menu you want to edit. On the right hand side of the screen all the menu details will appear.

This screen allows you to change any of the menu options for the selected menu, such as:

  • The menu name for easy identification,
  • The Greeting played to callers (including the automatic greeting, custom text-to-speech, and custom audio clips uploaded to the account)
  • Whether or not there is an operator option with '0'.
  • Enabling the Dial-By-Name directory option
  • Configuring the numerical menu options

Configure the Greeting

Click on the "Greeting" drop down option and select the appropriate option.

  • Select "None" when you do not want the system to announce any options or play any sound files.

  • Select "Auto Greeting" to have the system read the menu option and the number selected automatically.

This option will automatically read the programmed menu options in the selected language. The system will read the option and then the option number. For example if your options are:

  1. Sales
  2. Technical Support

The system will read "For Sales, press 1, For Technical Support, press 2".

  • Select "Audio File" to have the system play an uploaded MP3 or WAV file.
Audio files can be uploaded in the main "ACCOUNT" page. The system accepts .WAV or .MP3 files up to 5 MB in size.

  • Select "Say this" to have the system's built in Text-to-speech system read your text
The built-in text-to-speech (TTS) system will read any text you insert in this line (up to 200 words) in the selected language.

Enable Dial By Name on your account

If you would like to enable a Dial-by-Name directory option, select it from the list of options. Both first name and last name are options for this. 

Configure your menu options

You can specify which number for each option, and where the call will be delivered. This will allow calls to be automatically sent to voicemail or sent  to an alternate delivery point such as an individual. Remember, if you have selected to use the Directory option to choose first name or last name. You can route calls directly to a specific user, to a Departmental ring group, to another menu, or directly to a voice mail box  Click on the "Add another menu option" button located below your menu options. Then select a number and delivery point for your new option. Click on the trash icon located to the right of the menu option to delete that option. Remember to click "Save" to save your changes.

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