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R! Face, Internal Video Collaboration now on Mobile!

R! Face, Internal Video Collaboration now on Mobile!

R! Face is now available on RingByName through the mobile application for both Android™ Apple iOS™ devices. Studies have shown that the majority of video meeting attendees join on desktops, but over 30% rely on their mobile phones for team video collaboration or communication. So Ringbyname has extended video collaboration with R! Face to mobile users as well! Ringbyname accounts with R! Face enabled will see a new R! Face video icons by their team members in the Call presence section of the mobile home screen.

How do I use RingByName Face on Mobile?

RingByName Face can be started by selecting the video camera icon in green next to any of your coworkers' presence icon. If the icon appears grayed out, its because that agent isn't logged into the Ringbyname OX web portal. Sessions can be started with desktop users, or other mobile users. You'll get a small popup indicating which user you've invited. They'll have 2 minutes to accept the invitation from the moment you send it. Once they've accepted it, your mobile app will open the mobile browser to take you to the 1 on 1 video conference.    

If you receive an invite from a desktop or mobile user, it'll appear as a push notification on your Android or iPhone.

Be sure to enable microphone and camera permissions when prompted by your browser to take full advantage of Ringbyname video conferencing.

The mobile version of video conferencing offers all the same functionality of the desktop version. For additional details about the comprehensive features it offers, please Click Here

Additionally, if you open up the contact page for a coworker you can start an R! face chat. Type in or find the name of your coworker and select them from the list. Then select the blue camera icon by their name on their contact page to start the R! Face video chat.

 By selecting the menu button of your Ringbyname Mobile app, you can access the My Activity and Team Activity sections on the left hand side. 

Here R! Face video conference sessions are logged in both sections for your convenience. Red camera icons are declined R! Face chats. Green camera icons are accepted R! Face chats.

Selecting the filter icon that appears on the top right now lets you also restrict the activity to show only the R! Face sessions if needed. 

Why doesn't the R! Face icon appear on my account?

If the conference call icon does not appear on your mobile application, it simply means you do not have the most current version of the application installed on your mobile device. Please visit the mobile Google™Play or Apple™ App Store and search for "RingByName" and download the newest version of the application. If you're a new Ringbyname customer, reach out to our service department about adding video conferencing today! Please contact us at 855-345-7464.

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