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R! Chat Mobile has arrived! Chat from your mobile app to coworkers who are on mobile or desktop

R! Chat Mobile has arrived! Chat from your mobile app to coworkers who are on mobile or desktop!

RingByName has added  R! Mobile Chat! A simple swift way to connect with co-workers and partners in your Ringbyname account. Whether on the computer or Mac desktop or on their mobile phones R! Chat can be accessed for quick in-office communication! It can be accessed using the new SMS icon highlighted below. 

What is R! Chat Mobile?

R! Chat Mobile functions like most messaging platforms and can be used internally with other users in your Ringbyname account to quickly communicate and see who's online at their station. You can send a message of over 10000 characters to another user. You can also send links!

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How do I add R! Chat Mobile to my RingByName Account?

R! Chat Mobile is a free service added automatically to your account! The only prerequisite is having more than one user so you have someone to chat with! If your not seeing the chat platform, try logging out and back in, and it should be automatically added to your account! If you are the account owner, you can contact our service department about adding one of our many types of users to take advantage of R! Chat by calling 855-345-7464 or by emailing us at

How can I send a Chat message?

To send a chat message, Select the Chat section on the bottom of your Ringbyname OX Mobile.
  1. Next, select a contact. The team members with green circles beside them, are online and should see your message.

  2. Enter a message in the section at the bottom by the 'Send button'

  3. Click on the Send button.

  4. If your wondering if your team member is addressing your message, the R! chat system shows you a message when they're typing so you know you'll be getting a response soon!

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How are Chat Messages stored in RingByName?

Chat messages are automatically stored in your RingByName account and accessible by selecting the contact your chatting with in the Chat section.
Your Chat history is stored in your account, however if any users are being deleted their chat history will be deleted too. Be careful to backup any important conversations before deleting users.
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What does R! Chat Cost? How many messages can I send?

R! Chat is a free service added automatically to your account, without limit that can be sent anywhere in the world!

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No Limits? Neat! Is there any way to know when messages are sent to me?

R! Chat uses an unread message counter by any conversations that have new messages waiting for you. These messages are placed at the top of your Chat list for easy access. We also have a 'new message' counter that appears over your chat icon at the very bottom of your mobile app. 

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Why can't I send pictures in R! Chat?

RingByName R! Chat does not currently support picture messaging directly. Currently you can send links to pictures or websites that open a new browser page if needed. This is a planned upgrade. If you are interested in having us let you know when R! Chat+ options are available, send us an email at and we will contact you once it becomes available.  

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