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Forwarding Your Calls to a Coworker or External Number

Going on vacation or just need someone to help you by taking some of your calls? Set up a call forward!

Forwarding calls is performed whenever you want to send calls to another extension, another phone number, or a mobile number. Forwarding calls can be done at both the administration and user level. Users can adjust where calls that reach their extension are sent, and administrators can adjust forwarding for all users and where company numbers send or forward calls. Forwarding does not work physically on phone devices, but with the technological magic of Ringbyname, can be updated from anywhere in the world!

User Forwarding

To access the User Forwarding, follow these steps. 
-Log in to your Ringbyname page at
-Click on the top right where it says "Hello <your name>"
-From that drop down menu select 'Receive Calls At'
-Here you'll see under cellphones/landlines a place to add phone numbers to ring at your extension.
-Add the number you want calls to ring at, then check or uncheck it as needed for ringing. You can add a delay as well. 
-Be sure you select the green checkbox on the right. Now you can check or uncheck to enable or disable the forwarding.
-One common build is adding your cell phone with a 5 second delay. This way, important calls even out of the office reach your cell phone. 
-Be careful that you don't forward calls to a coworker you share a department with. Ask an administrator to remove you from any departments if you need your direct calls forwarded to a coworker. 

Require Key Press to Accept Transferred Calls 
This is a protective setting that should always be enabled if your forwarding calls to a cell phone.
The keypress sends a requirement to cell phones to dial '1' in order to take inbound business calls. This protects other devices from losing their chance to ring for inbound calls.
-Cell phones without the keypress protection enabled can immediately send calls to the cell's voicemail when out of batteries, signal, or service resulting in a loss of business calls.
-If your forwarding calls to another business number that also requires a keypress (like a menu system) the Ringbyname Keypress setting should be disabled when forwarding to these answering services to protect inbound business calls.

Administrative Forwarding

To access the Admin Forwarding, follow these steps.
-Log in to your Ringbyname page at
-Once logged in, click on the words 'Hello <name>' at the top right of the screen.
A drop down menu should appear.
-Select the option 'Go To System Administration'
-Select the option 'Ringbyname Setup' at the top.
-Select 'Users' on the left hand side.
-Select the user who's forwarding you want to edit.
-On the far right, under 'Also send calls to', click on 'Add another mobile or landline destination.
-In the popup that appears enter a label, destination (extension or phone number), and a delay before this destination begins ringing. 
-Be sure to select save at the bottom right!

Adding Additional Users

Looking to add more users to your service, but can't find where? To add users to your RingByName account contact our service department by email at or by calling 855-345-7464.

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