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FCC Robocall Mitigation Requirements

We recognize the importance of making and receiving business calls at the office. All businesses from humble startups to ever-expanding enterprises value business calls. Telemarketers, spam callers, and fraudsters are frustrating, profit-hurting troubles that the FCC and all voice providers work together to address. To adhere to legal requirements from the FCC there will be changes regarding custom caller IDs we've detailed below.

Robocall Mitigation Requirements

The Federal Communications Commission is adopting new regulations that affect caller IDs in an effort to combat spam and fraud abuses across the country. These rules will further the FCC’s efforts to protect consumers against malicious caller ID “spoofing,” which is often used during robocall scam campaigns to trick consumers into answering their phones. The following regulations will be put into place moving into September for all Ringbyname account holders to meet FCC regulations.

  • The Custom Caller ID field used to change your number to a custom number will be removed from both Ringbyname OX's 'Outbound Call Settings' and The Admin Dashboard's 'Custom Number' field.  You will still be able to update your caller ID to existing numbers on your account.
  • Any Users/Extensions currently using the Custom Caller ID field will have the custom number changed to their direct user number. If they don't have a direct user number, it will change to the default company number. The oldest, active company number tied to your company package will be used by default.
  • If you are porting in phone numbers, anytime during the active porting process these numbers can be used as your outbound caller ID

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