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Grandstream Wave Lite Mobile App Configuration

Grandstream Wave Lite Mobile App How To Use and Configure

A recommended mobile app for use on android and iPhone is the Grandstream Wave Lite App. 
It can be downloaded in the Android Play store or iPhone App store. Follow the steps below to configure your Grandstream Wave Lite app as a business phone app on your mobile phone!

STEP 1: Download GS Wave from the App/Play Store,
open the App, and select the Settings key.

STEP 2: Select "Account Settings"

STEP 3: Select the “+” key to add a new SIP account.

STEP 4: Select SIP Account from the list of options.

STEP 5: Fill in your extension/username’s details, then
select the Checkmark at the top. You should see a green circle by your account on the right to confirm its online. 

This is where you'll find your credentials in your Ringbyname admin section (Username, Password, Sip Server).

STEP 6 Select Account settings, then select your account.

STEP 7: Scroll down to CODEC settings, and select Preferred Vocoder. Here, for both Wifi and 2g/3g/4g, be sure that PCMU, PCMA, G722, and G729 are all Enabled/Checked. Now tap blue check on the top right and the blue arrow on the top-left several times to go back to the account screen and save your changes. 

STEP 8: Select Keypad at the bottom of the screen and Start Making Calls! Read on below for features, keypad, live call screens, and transfers!

Keypad Screen

• Speaker: Switch voice channels to speaker or 3.5mm headset if it is plugged in. 
•  Hold/UnHold: During the call, users could press the HOLD button to hold or resume the call at any time. 
• Keypad: Tap on the icon to bring up digital soft keypad for inputting DTMF. 
• More: Access more operations including Home, Transfer, Conference and Mute/Unmute. 
• Home: Back to the home screen (dial screen), the active call interface will be hidden; users could tap on button at the upper left corner of the screen to go back to the call interface. 
• Transfer: Switch to the transfer screen. Wave Lite supports blind transfer and attended transfer. Please refer to chapter Call Transfer for more details. 
• Video On: Enable video call. Tap to dial up video call to the callee. 
• Conference: Bring up conference screen. • Mute: Tap on the icon to mute/unmute the call. 
• End: Tap on the icon to end the call.   


  Switching Audio Channel During Call Wave Lite allows users to switch audio channel among handset (if user plugs in headset, the handset status will be turned into headset status), speaker or Bluetooth headset when making calls. Following screenshots shows the call screen when using the Bluetooth, tap on button to switch channels.  

Transferring Calls

Follow the steps below and select Blind or Attended to complete a blind or attended transfer. 

  • Call *97, then enter your extension and your pin when prompted. 

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