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RingByName Mobile Softphone is here! Make And Receive Calls Directly From A Mobile Softphone App, With No Need To Involve Your Cell Number!

RingByName Mobile Softphone is here! Make And Receive Calls Directly From A Mobile Softphone App, With No Need To Involve Your Cell Number! 

RingByName Mobile Softphone is a RingByName app you can download from the Android PlayStore or iPhone AppStore. It's used to make and receive your business calls without involving your personal cell number. Useful for working remotely or working without the need for a desk phone or computer. If you already have your desktop softphone and want a guide on how to use it visit: Mobile Softphone Quick Start Guide

RingByName Mobile Softphone app is a powerful mobile business phone you can take with you anywhere you go. 
make and receive business calls directly from your RingByName account without the need for any cell number or desk phone. 

Once you have a RingByName Mobile Softphone License on your account, you just need to have it added to your user. Follow the steps below to enable it.

     1 Login to your RingByName account.

     2. Click on your name at the top-right corner of the screen. Select "Go to System Administration" from the drop-down list.

     3. Click on "RingByName Setup" on the navigation bar along the top of the screen, or "Main Setup".

     4. Click on the "Users" in the selection area in the first column of the main area.

Here you'll see how many licenses you have in the user field.

   5. Select the User you want to add a Mobile Softphone license to and scroll to the bottom of their User Details where you can enable Mobile Softphone if there are any licenses available. Remember to hit save at the bottom!

Once you have enabled your Mobile Softphone license, you can click on the blue Mobile Softphone link in the Admin's user section or have your end-user click on the same blue link in their 'Receive Calls At' section to generate your QR Code.

Now that you have your QR code, open up a QR Code reader. You can download any QR code reader from the Appstore if you don't have one. Scan the code, open the link, and you'll begin downloading and instantly setting up your mobile softphone!

Once installed, provide the softphone with any permissions it requests to ensure it's able to make and receive calls successfully. 

The most important permission is 'draw over other apps. This allows you to see inbound business calls on screen. To enable this permission select 'Settings' when it appears and be sure 'allow display over other apps' is enabled. 

Once all permissions are enabled, you can start making calls! 

Help, my softphone isn't working!

Be sure you have both service via your mobile carrier or Wi-Fi to ensure calls can be made/received. If you are sure you have signal/service, check that your app is registered to make calls by opening the app and tapping your name on the top right of the app. A popup will appear stating 'registered' if you are online to make calls. If it shows unregistered, you'll need reset your app from the settings menu. 

Help, my softphone still isn't working!

If your registered and have service, but calls still fail, sending us your log is good step in the right direction. One of our trained support specialists will review your log and help get your calls connecting once more. To send us your log, follow these steps. Tap the 3 dots on the top-right. 

Next tap 'Settings' on the top-right.

Here tap 'Logs' from the list. 

Tap on the 3 dots on the top-right, and tap 'Share'. 

From the list of apps, select your mail client (outlook, gmail, etc) and send your log to 
be sure to put your account number or phone number in your email to best assist you. 

If you are a current customer and you have not already purchased RingByName Mobile Softphone licenses, contact Customer Care at 855-345-7464 or e-mail us at 

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