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2FA Two Factor Authentication Security Options Have Been Added, Protect Your Account!

What is 2FA, 2 Factor Authentication? 

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an identity and access management security method that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data. The most secure systems employ two identifiers for access to a portal or system, they often are something you 'are' or can access (an email or cell phone) and something you 'know' (a password). 2FA is available on both desktop web OX logins and on Android and iPhone mobile apps. Let's get started with protecting your account!

How do I set up 2FA, 2 Factor Authentication to secure my account?

2 Factor Authentication is set up at the user level. Each user can set up their own authentication method and protection. Both SMS and Email options are available. Follow these steps to enable one or the other. 
  • Log in to your RingByName account at
  • Once logged in, click on the words 'Hi ' at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu should appear.
  • Select the option 'Voicemail & User Settings'
  • You can enable or disable it with the checkbox 'Enable 2 Factor Authentication'.

  • If you want to use your email login for this authentication tap save at the bottom to save this setting.
  • If you want to instead use a mobile phone number for 2 Factor Authentication, tap the next checkbox 'Enable SMS for 2FA' then enter your mobile phone number (digits only) and click 'Verify'. 

  • Follow the prompt to get the SMS code and connect your mobile to your Ringbyname account login. 

  • After verifying be sure you tap save at the bottom to save this change! 
  • The next time you login, you'll be prompted to enter a code you receive at your email address or mobile phone via text. 

  • A checkbox option is available to keep your login in the system memory for 30 days. If you leave it unchecked, the next time you login you'll need to provide a new security code from your email or phone. If you check it, you'll have 30 days before the verification process requests your code once more. This tool ensures your account's security! 

Does 2FA work on the mobile application?

Yes! While you do need to first enable it on the desktop app by visiting once you've enabled 2FA, you'll be required to authenticate on the mobile apps as well where a security code is required to login. 

Can I use my Ringbyname Business SMS for 2FA?

You cannot use your business SMS account as the authentication tool to access your account. Since your messages can only be seen once you've logged in, you won't be able to get any login codes the 2FA system sends you. Please use a separate mobile number or the email 2FA option instead.

Where do the notifications come from?

The SMS notifications come from 646-205-0149. The email notifications come from

Help! I don't see any email notification code!

Be sure to check your spam/junk folders or try searching your email for messages from 

Help! I don't see any sms notification code!

Be sure your mobile supports inbound SMS messages and you aren't blocking SMS messages. Most SMS apps have a 'Spam and Blocked' section from the menu where you can see any messages that may be missing or hidden. 

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