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Dialer - RingBack Make Calls Remotely!

RingByName Dialer - Speed Dial Calls from your Computer to your devices!

Dialer is a Ringbyname feature used to make and receive calls that show your business number. Useful for working remotely. It can be used with desk phones or mobile phones so you can quickly auto-dial contacts from your Ringbyname account.


Dialer can be accessed from the main page on your Ringbyname account. The Dialer has one mode available at the bottom of the dialer page, RingBack.

Ringback mode is a free, included feature that allows you to use any existing cell phones or landlines to make outbound calls as though you are calling from your business number. You can also use it by selecting numbers tied to your Ringbyname contacts for speed dialing.

Clicking on the Dialer Icon shows you the dialer window. You can either paste numbers into the dialer or dial them using the on-screen keys. As you begin entering digits, the Ringbyname system will show any contacts you have matching the number dialed. After selecting the blue phone button in the dialer, you'll see 'Connecting you now' at the top.  

Any phone active on your extension/user will begin ringing. Once you answer the call, it will start a business call from that phone to the party you've dialed.

If the device you want to make the call from doesn't ring, please check that its enabled in 'Receive Calls At' section found on the top right. The RingBack mode on desktop and mobile app can only make these calls when a desk phone, cell, landline, or mobile app like Zoiper are enabled.

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