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How do I clear Voicemail messages? I have a lot I want removed!

While you can Dialing into voicemail to delete messages one by one, there is also a 'delete all' option for user and department voicemail boxes. 

Dialing into voicemail from your extension:
First, the standard way to delete messages one by one is done from any of the office desk phones or softphones.  It's done by dialing *97, your extension when prompted, followed by your pin (default value is 1234). From here, while listening to messages you can tap '7' to delete the current message. 

From Admin level permissions you can reach the delete all option:
All messages for both users and departments can be wiped at once using the 'delete all voicemails' option following these steps as an Admin: 
-Log in to your RingByName account at
-Click on the top right text that reads "Hi, <your name>"
A drop down menu should appear.
-Click on "Go To System Administration"
-Click on "Ringbyname Setup" at the top
-Click on Users or Departments on the left hand side. 
-Select the user or department you want to clear the voicemail box of. 
-Here at the bottom right, you'll see a red 'Delete All Voicemails' button. Tap it and confirm to clear all voicemails. 
You may need to contact an administrator for your account to have them perform this voicemail clearing.

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