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CCaaS Users & CCaaS Agent Monitor Reports - The UCaaS Business Solution

At RingByName, we fused UCaaS (Unified communications as a service)  and CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) into one system. Providing CCaaS Users and their accompanied CCaaS Agent Monitor Reports. There is no longer a need for a client to be called back or put on hold while the contact center person tries to get additional help for the customer by voice, SMS, chat, and video. Information about a contact is also shared. This translates to less wait and frustration on the customer side. 

What are CCaaS Users, and what are the benefits of these users?

There are many types of Ringbyname Users. The R! User being the standard, there are also World User, World User Plus (International calling options), and CCaaS Users (Queue Users). CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) are users with the highest amount data option reports available as well as users that see no call credit charges when they're on hold in a queue (Normally there is a $0.02 per minute for all inbound calls handled by any queue). CCaaS Users populate in Global Reports, Advanced Reports, Department Monitor (If in departments), Queue Monitor (If in queues), and CCaaS Agent Monitor the new report exclusive to CCaaS users. This type of user is best if a user is in at least one high volume queue to gather various metrics on performance. 

What is the CCaaS Agent Monitor Report?

This detailed report includes various fields on a CCaaS agent's performance and allows instant report generation at the user or department level for CCaaS users. 
Fields include:
Inbound Answered - Includes answered department calls, direct calls, and user to user calls and their total and average call times. 
Outbound Answered - Includes outbound internal and external answered calls and their total and average call times. 
Total (In+Out) Answered - Includes both the inbound and outbound answered totals combined and their total and average call times. 
Inbound External Answered - Includes answered inbound department and direct calls from external numbers and their total and average call times.
Inbound Internal Answered - Includes answered user to user calls and their total and average call times. 
Calls Transferred - Includes calls that the user transferred to another department or agent 
Outbound External Answered - Includes outbound answered calls to external locations dialed by phone number and their total and average call times. 
Outbound Internal Answered - Includes outbound answered calls to internal destinations dialed by extension and their total and average call times. 
Outbound External Unanswered - Includes outbound calls that ended without any answer and their total and average call times. (before reaching a user or voicemail box message) 


How do I access the CCaaS Agent Monitor Report?

To access your CCaaS Agent Monitor Report, you must have Call Center/Monitoring permission or be an administrator with full access to the System Administration area. Please follow the steps below:

1.      Login to your RingByName account.
2.      Click on your name at the top-right corner of the screen. Select "Go to System Administration" from the drop-down list.

3.      Click on "Call Center" on the navigation bar along the top of the screen.

4. CCaaS Agent Monitor will appear on the left. 

5. Here you can tap search to immediately see the current day's report for all CCaaS agents. Reports are capped at 30 days and go back for a full year. You can filter the CCaaS users by sarching by Department, Agent, or Extension. 

6. Selecting 'Real Time' will have the monitor update in real time as calls are made and received by these agents. 
7. If you select 'Generate Report' or select the download icon to the right of any agents in the report, your user will receive an email with the reports you've requested. 
In our example we'll show the full breakdown of a department and the data the report generates. You'll get a popup alert letting you know your report is being processed. 

8. In the email you receive, you'll see a zip file attached. Download it and open it to access your requested reports. 

Here you can see the various reports for a department that are generated. There's a Summary PDF file and a detailed CSV file (readable in excel) for each agent as well as a summary PDF for all agents combined. 

  Here you can see general call data for an individual agent :   

Here you can see line by line sample call data for an individual agent in detail: 

Here you can see sample general call data for the entire department:


Why can't I see the CCaaS Agent Monitor report?  

If you already have CCaaS Users on your account, be sure you have access to the Call Center section. Please reach out to our support team if you have any further questions regarding accessing this report. 

How do I add CCaaS Users to my RingByName account?

CCaaS users are a service that would need to be ordered to your account. Please contact our service team to have a CCaaS user added to take advantage of these Queue-friendly users. 

What is normally the cost of the call queuing service?

Calls that are routed to a department that has queuing enabled are charged a rate of $0.02 per minute for the duration of the call. If the call is routed via a Toll -free number on your account, no additional charges will be applied to the call. These CCaaS users avoid this charge entirely and all queue calls are included for these high volume call agents. 

Keep in mind that without CCaaS users, in order for calls to be connected properly and avoid service disruption, your account must have sufficient prepaid call credit. We recommend a minimum prepaid calling balance of $39.95 on your account with automatic recharge enabled when your credit balance reaches $5.00. You can purchase prepaid call credit or set your auto-recharge preferences in the administration panel. For information, click here.

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