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What is the RingByName Web Application?

What is the RingByName Application? What does it do?  Read below for a quick introduction to the RingByName web application located at

Know who is calling and why?
With RingByName you always know who is calling. Plus, you can see a detailed call history of each caller so you and your authorized staff gain a huge advantage on how to manage the caller. RingByName makes it possible to know who called every time. What's more, it enables you to return calls instantly.  RingByName has its own CRM system built right in.The system even posts a handy summary of each call for your instant review.

Let's take a look

The web based application is organized into three distinct columns. From left to right, they are: Your CONTACTS, the MAIN DETAIL PANEL, and the ACTIVITY LOG.  Don't let the simple layout fool you, this powerful system is designed to make sure that you never miss a business opportunity by automatically logging all of your inbound and outbound calls, missed calls, voicemail and even allowing you to attach notes to individual contacts that are shared across the organization. Let's examine each in more detail below.


Your contact list gives you a quick index of all of your stored shared contacts. Contacts are shared across your organization allowing for callers to be quickly identified and any relevant notes to be shared amongst  colleagues.

Filtering your contacts

You can create filters to quickly sort and find clients, friends, family -- even blacklist telemarketers and gently give them a busy signal when they call.

The Detail Panel

The center panel show you all of the details for any call record or contact that you are working with. When you first access the application, it also serves as an announcement center, notifying you of any missed calls, voicemails, SMS messages, assigned events or reminders, Fax notifications, CRM details, and both a Dialer and R! Meet access point. As you click on any contact in the column to the left, or from your call log from the right, this panel will change to show you the details for that contact or call record.

Call and contact details

Whenever you click on a contact or call log entry, the details for that entry are displayed.  The contact information, Call notes and contact history are displayed in one convenient place along with a list of any upcoming reminders for that contact. A handy window is ready to document any additional call notes. You can attach documents and files related to the contact and make them available for your colleagues.

Call history

You can view a complete call, fax, note, sms, and crm history for the contact by clicking on the appropriate icon just below the note window.  The system will display all details for the respective field. The clock icon particularly shows all calls made and received for the contact as well as a disposition for each call (completed call, missed call, voicemail). All of this is logged automatically for all of your contacts on each and every call.

Team and Personal Call Activity

The third column is the Call Activity Column. This gives you access to a continuously updating log of all of the calls into and out of the system, voicemail, call notes, appointments and all other pertinent information.

Powerful call log filtering built-in

Our powerful call filtering engine gives business owners and administrators the ability to sort and display calls by type (Missed, Voice Mails, Inbound calls, Outgoing calls, Notes), for a specific department or for a user.

Manage personal settings

The web application can be used to route calls to your cell phone or land line, change your outbound Caller ID, import your google contacts, important contacts from a CSV file, update your language and login credentials, update your voicemail greeting or notification settings, access our support portal, or logout of your account. Administrators will also see an option for System Administration.

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