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Bandwidth Requirements

Q: I have High Speed Internet, but how much bandwidth do I need from my broadband provider to make sure I have reliable service?

A: Since RingByName operates by routing calls via your internet connection, a certain amount of bandwidth is required in order to keep your conversations clear and reliable. We suggest following the steps below to determine if you have sufficient bandwidth:

  1. Perform an online speed test to find out the upload and download speeds for your internet connection. Use a fixed hardwired connection rather than the WiFi connection for more accurate results. Try the test at several different times of day to get an average for your networks performance.

  2. Determine how many people in your office will be receiving a telephone, or how many extensions you will be making calls at the same time. For instance, an office with ten people would require ten times the bandwidth as a single-person office.

  3. We recommend 100 Kbps for each telephone extension / user.
  • For example: 10 users x 90 kbps each = 900 kbps dedicated for concurrent phone calls.
Remember to include enough extra bandwidth for your Internet, email and other business requirements. In this scenario, a 6 Mbps connection would be more than sufficient for a 10-user office.

How can I perform a speed test?

To perform a speed test, simply click HERE or navigate to

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