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Our Support Philosophy

Our Mission:

At RingByName, we strive to continuously improve our performance and our product. Our mission is to provide highly personalized and efficient support to our customers. Our support agents take ownership of their customers' issues and are encouraged to work as customer advocates to ensure the speedy and permanent resolution to all customer problems. 

We encourage all of our customers to submit their feedback and tell us about your support experience so that we can continue to learn and grow. Are you interested in telling us about a feature that you would find particularly useful to yourself and others? Submit a product suggestion. We take suggestions from our users very seriously. You can even You can even vote on which features we should work on next!

How does our support team measure up?

So how do we measure up?

Here are some insights from our customers in the last 30 days:

What type of assistance did you need?

Technical Support5472%
Billing or Payment Information1824%
Sales 34%

Our Response Times

How long was your wait on hold before speaking with a RingByName customer service representative?
Extremely long45%
Quite long11%
Moderately long57%
Slightly long45%
Not at all long3040%
I did not use the telephone for support1013%

If your support request was opened via email, how long did it take us to respond to your ticket?
30 minutes or less811%
30 minutes to 1 hour23%
1 to 3 hours45%
24 hours or more45%
Does not apply3648%


How well did you feel our customer service representative understood what you were saying?
Extremely well3851%
Quite well1013%
Moderately well34%
Slightly well11%
Not at all well23%

Would you say that our customer service representative solved your problem or answered your question quickly, slowly, or neither?
Extremely quickly2837%
Quite quickly1216%
Somewhat quickly68%
Neither quickly nor slowly45%
Somewhat slowly11%
Quite slowly00%
Extremely slowly34%

How knowledgeable did our customer service representative seem to you?
Extremely knowledgeable3445%
Quite knowledgeable1621%
Moderately knowledgeable23%
Slightly knowledgeable11%
Not at all knowledgeable11%

About how many times did you contact customer support to have this issue resolved?
This is the first time3445%
Three times23%
More than three times68%

Overall Satisfaction

Overall, are you satisfied with the customer service you received, dissatisfied with our customer service, or neither satisfied nor dissatisfied?
Extremely satisfied3851%
Quite satisfied79%
Somewhat satisfied68%
Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied00%
Somewhat dissatisfied11%
Quite dissatisfied00%
Extremely dissatisfied23%

If you would like to submit your comments to us, please use the feedback and support tools on our website, or send us an email at

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