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Caller ID not displaying correctly on my iPhone 6

RingByName has received reports from customers that calls transferred from their RingByName phone system to their iPhone 6 do not display the correct caller ID. Instead, the iPhone displays "UNKNOWN" as the name and number of the caller ID displayed.

After investigating the issue with several mobile providers, our Customer Care Team has learned the issue is with the way that the iPhone 6 handles calls on mobile networks using a new technology called VoLTE (Voice over LTE). . Transferred calls fail to carry over the correct caller ID information to the cellular phone.

What is the purpose of the VoLTE? Basically, VoLTE allows calls to be routed using your data connection instead of your cellular minutes.  This allows the mobile carrier to more efficiently handle phone calls, but the system does not ‘play nice’ with transferred calls from business telephone systems to the iPhone.

This feature is designed to eventually use Wifi to deliver calls when your cell signal is low and is turned on by default on all new iPhone 6 models. However, as you know, any transferred calls do not carry over the correct caller ID information.

Customers will will need to contact their mobile provider by calling 611 on your iPhone or calling the appropriate customer service number. You will need to ask the provider to do the following for each iPhone 6 on your account:
  • Un-provision VoLTE on the iPhone 6
    If you have multiple iPhone 6 devices on your account, the service must be removed for each one
Please be aware that disabling VoLTE locally on your iPhone 6 will not solve the problem. Your mobile provider must remove the VoLTE service from your account. Some support technicians will attempt to disable the feature on your phone, this will not change the way the call information is sent to your iPhone from the mobile provider. 

That will resolve the issue and begin displaying the correct caller ID information once again.

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