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Click 2Call Extension with Office 365 Integration

Do you use an online CRM such as Salesforce or Zoho? Do you manage your address book online using Gmail or Outlook?

Did you know that RingByName's Click2Call Extension allows any telephone number that appears in your Chrome Browser to launch a telephone call on your phone system? The new and improved Click2Call instantly boots up all your contacts and lets you quickly call clients or leads without lifting a finger to your keypad!

This feature is supported by Salesforce, Zoho, Sugar CRM, QuickBooks, Google Chrome, and any other web based application. Not only does this eliminate the process of dialing altogether, but you can connect your calls  with just a click of the mouse!  

If you have not already installed it on your Google Chrome Browser, click here to visit the Chrome Store to install it.  

How Does it Work?

  1. Locate the R! Icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome
  2. Log into RingByName
  3. Click on the Settings 'gear' icon and be sure 'auto detect' is enabled.
  4. Hover over any number and then simply click the R! link once it appears on top of the number. 

Remember to "Enable: Auto-Detect" to get the R! Link to appear over a phone number. To enable, click on the R! icon in the top right corner, then click on "Settings" and toggle the button to turn on "Enable: Auto-Detect"    

Office 365 Integration

Using the Google Chrome extension, users of Office 365 can access their secure contact lists from within the web browser to launch a phone call and or to provide additional information about their contacts within RingByName’s expanded Caller ID pop-up. This allows Office 365 users to enjoy the benefits of the Click-to-Call interface without synchronizing large corporate contact lists.

Click2Call Contacts

Click2Call provides easy access to instantly see and call any contact within your account contact list. .

Click2Call In Action!

Click2Call works universally with any sort of phone list. Here we see a hotel the team is booking for an upcoming conference. The 'R!' icon lets us know that when we click the number, we'll immediately begin calling that number.

I'm getting a popup about Skype or Zoom when I click on a number, is it working?

If you see a popup like the one pictured below, simply ignore the popup. Google Chrome has integrated a few other apps and generates these popups mistakenly. Ignore them until this is corrected. Your Quick2Call calls are still being made, and being sent to your desk phone or mobile device.

Have more than one account?

Quickly sign out and back in with any other user or business you make calls with. Under settings, you can sign out and sign back in as needed. You can also enable/disable phone number detection. Sometimes you'll find yourself working with a lot of phone numbers or data and you'll want to be sure you don't instantly dial these numbers.

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