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Groundwire Configuration Guide

STEP 1: Load the Groundwire application.  You can download this application from the  Apple App Store.


STEP 2: Agree to enable PUSH notifications. 



STEP 3: Choose the Generic SIP Account option



STEP 4:  Using the credentials given to you by your sales or support agent, complete the following fields:

Use your own display name, username (your virtual number) and password

Title: customer Name

Username: refer to my profile

Password: refer to my profile

Domain: refer to my profile


Touch the Done button when all information has been entered.



STEP 5: Press the Advanced Settings button.



Step 6: Scroll down to Voicemail Number and change the setting to be *97.  Press the Done button when finished.



Step 7: Press the Done button to save settings.



Step 8: Press the blue account arrow button to go back into the account you just created.



Step 9: Press Advanced Settings button



Step 10: Press the Incoming Calls button.



Step 11: Change the setting to On with Push and then press the Push Options button.



Step 12: Change the Push Voice Mail button to ON and then click the Done button.



Step 13: Press the Settings button.



Step 14: Press the Done button.



Step 15: You phone will then register to our server.



Step 16: Once registration is done, the phone icon will turn green and show you the device ID.

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