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Verify address of exact location for 911 calls

911 Important Information for your Business

As a VoIP customer, you are aware that your communications services with RingByName are delivered using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology. You may also know that some companies were offering communications services using VoIP Technology to consumers without adequately ensuring that consumers can use 911 services.

For this reason the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) now requires all VoIP providers, including RingByName, to inform their customers of any differences between the offered 911 access capability and the capabilities available with traditional telephone services. Each customer must sign and return an acknowledgement of those differences before they can receive service. You may obtain a copy of the FCC requirements at


As your RingByName sales person explained when you selected VoIP, RingByName has worked hard to ensure that 911 services are available to our VoIP customers via our voice network. Our standard 911 architecture is what set us apart from our competitors. And is one of the many reasons why we are an excellent fit for so many businesses.

Ensuring Your Business is Safe- Differences for broadband 911

Below are some steps you should take to ensure 911 is available to your business regardless of whether your services are delivered via VoIP or over a broadband connection without VoIP.

·         Provide for back-up power. If power is lost at your facility, all communications over a broadband T1 will be interrupted, including 911 services. An uninterrupted power supply (UPS) can mitigate this issue and we urge you to provide a backup power supply to ensure continued operation of your equipment. During a loss of power, the UPS will be engaged, thereby protecting your ability to access 911.

·         Protect your broadband connection and equipment. Do not disable, tamper with or attempt to move your Internet Access Gateway (such as a cable or DSL modem, or T1 router) to a location at which you indicated to RingByName without Internet connectivity. Additionally, ensure that your “communications room” is in a secure location, thus reducing the opportunity of someone accidentally to disrupt your broadband connection or damage your VoIP equipment.  As with any service provided over a broadband connection and, unlike traditional telephone services, your broadband connection must be in place for you to contact 911. Please take necessary measures to prevent a broadband connection disruption through accidental disruption, service suspension for nonpayment, or any other reason and arrange for alternate means such as an analog line for accessing 911 in those circumstances. RingByName will also do its best to ensure that you do not experience any outages through its own network but RingByName is required to inform you that such outages are possible and will affect 911 services.

·         Make sure you give RingByName your correct service Address. For 911 services to work for either traditional telephone service or VoIP, you must ensure that you always advice RingByName of your current Address for service. If you wish to move to a new service address, please call 855-345-7464. Otherwise emergency personnel could be dispatched to an incorrect address, or not dispatched at all.

Because you may not be able to access 911 emergency services under the circumstances described above you should ensure that you have some alternate means of contacting 911 emergency services, like an analog line or a cell phone. In addition, you should inform anyone using your VoIP service that they may have to use an analog line or a cellular phone or some alternate means to contact 911 emergency services. To assist you in this, you will receive stickers in your welcome kit describing the limitations on the 911 availability. Which you should place on or near the equipment used to access VoIP.

At RingByName, we understand your communications are critical to your business. We appreciate your entrusting RingByName to provide your telecommunications service. If we can be of assistance with 911 or any matter related to your RingByName service, please contact our customer service department at 855-345-7464. 

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