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How to Block an unwanted contact

In the world of telecommunication, sometimes you'll get calls from telemarketers, spam calls, or other unwanted callers. Ringbyname gives you the power to control whether or not these callers can contact you by phone or SMS with our Blacklist! To blacklist list a call, follow the steps below.

On the home screen, select or create a contact you want to blacklist.  

Once their full contact comes up, add them to the group "Blacklist" by writing it in the field to the right. Then select 'Add Group' on the right. 

Finally, select the 'Save' button at the bottom to block calls from that unwanted caller for good. If you ever want to undo a blacklist, simply click on the white 'x' that appears by the 'Blacklist' group for a contact to undo the blacklisting. 

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