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How to configure Zoiper on iPhone

STEP 1: Load the Zoiper application. If you have not already installed the application, download it from the Apple App Store, or click here.


STEP 2: Click OK to allow Zoiper access to your iPhones microphone. 



STEP 3: Press the Settings button at the bottom right of the screen.



STEP 4:  Press the Accounts button.




STEP 5: Press the + button to add an account.




Step 6: Press the SIP account button.



Step 7: Using the credentials given to you by your sales or support agent, complete the following fields:Press the Register button when all information has been entered and the account will register.



Step 8: Press the Accounts button to return to the previous screen.



Step 9: Press the Settings button to return to the previous screen.




Step 10: Press the Dialpad button to get to the dialpad of the phone.



Step 11: Wait for the softphone to finishing registering.



Step 12: Make Calls!

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