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Greet your customers by name!

Your RingByName telephone system is different than traditional PBXs. As the name implies, RingByName will greet callers by name automatically giving them a sense of welcome. 

Because the application knows who is calling it makes the phone call quick and painless to the customer. With a personalized greeting there is no need for a receptionist. The easy to use menu allows callers to be routed to the appropriate team member. It makes for a superior, quicker, and more enjoyable call. This feature also includes an expanded caller ID, allowing whoever is on the phone with the customer to see all their recent activity. This feature includes the ability to see where the caller is coming from and the group they are labeled under. The virtual receptionist personalized greeting, and expanded caller ID gives business’s the capability to do more with less staff.

How to Update the Settings for Greet By Name

There are two types of users, Admin and Regular, each with different permissions and access. While both user types will give you access to the RingByName applications, only the Admin will allow you to customize the Greet by Name setting for each phone number.

- Log in to your RingByName account at
- Once logged in, click on the words 'Hi <Your Name>' at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu should appear.
- Select the option 'Go To System Administration'
- Select 'RingByName Setup' at the top
- Select 'Phone Numbers' on the left hand side
- Click on the phone number you would like to update
- On the far right, about half way down the page, you'll see the field that says 'Greet Callers By Name'
- Check this box to have the system greet your stored contacts by name
- Be sure to select 'Save' on the bottom right to complete your changes!
- For Company Number, you also have the option 'Welcome back callers and offer them to the last person they spoke to'. The system can offer to route the call to the last person your caller spoke to. Check this box to offer the option to the caller.

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