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Import your contacts easily!

Contact Syncing with CSV spreadsheet

You can upload contact lists to RingByName. Once you’ve created a .CSV export file, you'll need to verify that your data fields (first name, last name, address, phone number, etc.) are in the correct order so they'll import into RingByName correctly. Be sure to download the sample .CSV file that shows the order in which your data should be organized. Your columns must match the sequence shown in the sample .CSV file or your data will not upload properly into RingByName. When your file is ready and your contact data is in the right sequence, click "Select File…" to begin your import.

Contact Syncing with Google Email

Contacts can be directly uploaded from Google, simply by signing into your Gmail account and all contacts will automatically be imported. With contacts synced you can ensure that notes can be added, and the best of contacts will be greeted by name.

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