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How do I forward my calls to a colleague or cell phone?

You can forward calls in one of two ways. You can have the system administrator do it or you yourself are able to add forwarding. Please note that  forwarding does not work physically on phone devices, but with the technological magic of Ringbyname, can be updated from anywhere in the world!

On your RingByName home page click on your name at the top right hand corner and choose the option "Receive Calls At". 
Click on "Add" under the Cellphones and Landlines tab and add the number or extension you would like to forward the call to.
You can then use the checkbox 'enabled' to enable or disable forwarding as needed. 

Device name is the nickname you can create for the line you set up.
Number is the phone number or extension you want to forward the call to. 
Delay is the number of seconds that pass before this endpoint begins ringing.

Require Key Press to Accept Transferred Calls This is a protective setting that should always be enabled if your forwarding calls to a cell phone. 
The keypress sends a requirement to cell phones to dial '1' in order to take inbound business calls. This protects other devices from losing their chance to ring for inbound calls. 
-Cell phones without the keypress protection enabled can immediately send calls to the cell's voicemail when out of batteries, signal, or service resulting in a loss of business calls.

-If your forwarding calls to another business number that also requires a keypress (like a menu system) the Ringbyname Keypress setting should be disabled to protect inbound business calls.

Show The Caller ID of the Person Calling When enabled, the caller ID of the caller is what you'll see on inbound calls. When disabled, you'll see the business number that the customer dialed. Disabling this feature is useful if you have an answering service and would prefer to know which of your business numbers a customer called instead of who it is that is calling.

Ring my Devices for __ Rings This controls the number of times your devices will ring. 

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