RingByName After hours - Routing Holiday Calls

RingByName After hours - Routing Holiday Calls

It's the holiday season and you need to update your clients who are still calling in during your business' off time. Ringbyname has you covered! RingByName offers an after hours system that can be used to set any upcoming days of the week to route to your designated holiday message, response team, or voicemail box. 

Below we'll go over building a holiday after hours option in Departments. An administrator is required to enable any company-wide settings. To access the areas we'll be adding a holiday greeting to  click on “Hi Your Name” at the top-right corner of the screen.

Select "Go to System Administration" from the drop-down list.

Click on "RingByName Setup" or “Main Setup” on the navigation bar along the top of the screen.

On the left side, you will see “Department” section. Click on it to view the departments. We'll be creating a department called 
'holiday closed'. Click on 'Add Department' on the right hand side to create this new department.  


Here you can determine if any team members will ring for your holiday hours and what message will play for clients. 


Under the voicemail option, we'll select to 'enable voicemail box' and either use the 'Say This' or upload our own Mp3 file with our holiday greeting by selecting 'add new file'. Be sure to save your changes! 

For a quick mp3 file recording, the Ringbyname Team suggests calling your business and leaving yourself a voicemail message. You should get an mp3 copy of any direct or department voicemails in your email address!


Next, lets select an existing department we want to set after hours settings to. We'll select our Sales department. 

Once you clicked on your 'Sales' department, the right side will appear with the information that needs to be configured. On the bottom right of the screen you can add an afterhours to your department. Select ‘Use these hours for this department.’

The Ringbyname Team suggests taking note of any time settings you normally have in place before updating your after hours. When the holidays have ended you'll want to be able to set them back to your normal business hours. 

Now we can see the hours of operation. Anything outside the hours set, will send calls to where you designate them. We can select ‘Set Custom Hours’ to specify specific times for each day of the week. Clicking on any of the times in blue will let you change them.


We updated our Sales department to only be open Monday - Wednesday. It'll go to our 'Holiday Closed' menu Thursday – Sunday. Remember to save your changes. 

Please call us at 855-345-7464 if you'd like assistance with your holiday settings. 
Happy Holidays!

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