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LinPhone Configuration Guide for Android

This configuration Guide is provided as a reference to our customers. RingByName makes no guarantees as to the interoperability of third party software. Please consult your Android device’s user guide for Compatibility. If you are interested in a RingByName Telephone, please contact our sales department at 855-345-7464.

To install Linphone, visit the Google Play Store, or click here. After downloading and installing Linphone on your Android device, follow the simple configuration steps on the next page.

Step 1) Load the Linphone application

Step 2) Once loaded, Let’s Go.

Step 3) Select “ I Already Have a SIP Account”.

Step 4) Using the credentials given to you by your Sales or Support Agent, complete the following fields:

Username: your 7 digit virtual number
Password: your device password
Domain: your domain name

Touch the Apply button when all information has been entered.

Step 5) The Status will show “Registered” on the top right corner of Linphone. 

Step 6) Now that your account has been added, start making calls!

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