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Call Reporting - Global & Advanced Call Reporting

RingByName is proud to announce major updates to our Call Reporting feature of the world-class RingByName cloud based phone service. This feature allows system administrators and business owners to quickly access vital statistics for all call activities! The latest feature, the 'Advanced Report <Beta>' Is below.

This feature allows subscribers to generate reports for:
  •  All Inbound calls, Outbound calls, Missed calls, and voicemail
  • Generate a report for an individual department, employee, stored contact or telephone number.
  • Call duration and detailed call report

In addition to providing users with easy to understand graphics, all reports can be exported as a spreadsheet for archival and additional analysis.

Accessing the Call Reporting Tool

Begin by accessing the "Reporting & Analytics" option from the navigation menu located on the top. By default, the system will automatically display a listing of all inbound calls for a one month period.

The Global Call Report

A global call report is a great way to see information about your inbound and outbound calling patterns at a glance. 

From the reporting option area, you can:
  • Select a start and end date for the calling activity you would like to find,
  • Choose information broken down by user or by extension
  • Filter for inbound or outbound calls
For example, here we have run the report for all inbound calls broken down by department:

The report will show at a glance the overall call volume by department, the number of calls, and how many minutes total for each department. A handy tool if you are looking to gauge the performance of a marketing campaign, or trying to see where you may not have enough people answering phone calls.

Advanced Call Reporting

We know that although a snapshot of your business calls is great, there are situations where you may need to get more details about the calling activity within your company. The Advanced Call reporting options allow administrators to generate reports for a given date range including:
  • Outbound Calls
  • Inbound Calls
  • Missed inbound calls 
  • Incomplete call attempts (Outbound Missed Calls)
  • Voice mails
  • Access inbound Call Recordings¨
  The advanced call report may be split up to search based on additional criteria including:
  • For a specific department
  • For a specific user
  • From a specific customer (stored contact)
  • From a specific telephone number  
¨ Requires subscription to RingByName Call Recording Feature

To begin, click on the "Advanced Report" button located in the left of the Reporting & Analytics screen. This will launch the detailed search form.

In the Advanced Search Forn, select the criteria for your custom search, then click "Search". RingByName will return a list of all calls that match that given criteria.
A full legend defining the various icons that appear in your reports are below. 

How to Download Your Call Report

Once you have refined your call report, you can export it to your computer in .CSV format for use in your favorite spreadsheet. Just click the blue "Download" button on the screen. You can save the file to any location on your computer.

Why would you want to download call reports?
  • For client billing and project time keeping
  • To measure employee productivity
  • To measure effectiveness of marketing campaigns to specific phone lines

Is there some custom filter you want to use? 

Below is a case example of how to gather all kinds of useful data within your business using advanced reporting. 

Imagine Bob is in Sales Team A and Sales Team B, Sales Team C, but not in Sales team D.
How many calls did bob take for Sales Team A? We download bob's call data, and filter the data spreadsheet in Excel to show 'Sales Team A'.
How many calls did bob take for all departments? We Search for bob with no other filter.
How many calls did bob take for Department Sales Team A, Sales Team C, and Sales Team D? We search for user, download the call data, and filter the data spreadsheet in excel to show the needed departments. 
How many calls did Sales Team A answer? We Search by dept.
How many calls did our promotional sales number generate? We Search by number. 
For even more filtering select 'download' and use excel to filter the data even further!

Advanced Call Reporting <Beta!>

We have a global report for viewing calls at a glance, and the advanced call report for getting line by line details of every call, but we found there were some cases where finding very specific call data was needed, and an even simpler way of finding it has been added as a beta feature! The Advanced Call Reporting <Beta> tool lets you use a simple "TO" and "From"  filter that automatically tracks if you need to find calls from a User, Department, Client, or business phone number's calls to any of those same categories. It lets you search by whether it went to a destination or was answered by a destination. Including seeing exactly which calls left an agent via rollovers (If Jeff has a call marked rollover, it went unanswered and the next destination had an opportunity to address it). 

  To begin, click on the "Advanced Report" button with the "Beta" icon located in the left of the Reporting & Analytics screen. This will launch the detailed search form. Then enter as little or as much to your search as you like. The auto-fill will begin populating with data from users, depts, phone numbers, and client contacts that match your text!

For more information about call recording, please click here.

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