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Company Announcement & Bulletin Board

RingByName includes a community bulletin board feature that allows you to broadcast events, make announcements or have helpful conversations.

Where do Company Announcements Appear?

When users log into their web application, any Company Announcements will appear in the center of the application.

From within the Announcements area, the company announcements will appear in the center column adjacent to Missed Calls and Voicemails.
Users can read full announcements by clicking on the "read more" link under each article.

To return to the main page from the bulletin article, click on the "Home" icon located near the top of the screen.

How do I add new bulletin announcements?

  1. On your RingByName home page click on 'your name' at the top right hand corner and choose the option "Go To System Administration".
  2. Click on "Announcement Center" in the top navigation bar
  3. Select "Add Announcement" located just under the Search box button

  4. Enter a topic name and content for your post. Make sure that the article is enabled to make it visible on the main page.  

  5. Click "Save"

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