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RingByName Call Presence

Presence gives you the ultimate visibility of your telephone system, allowing you to see the status of all members of your team!

Call Status 2.0 is now available! 

The RingByName Call Presence system has been updated to version 2.0! Representatives now have a more secure means of updating between Ready, Available, Global DND, Queue DND, and other DND states.

Whenever this setting or field is changed you'll see a loading icon on your status as pictured below. Be sure you wait for it to completely finish updating your status to be sure your set to ready to begin taking calls again or to DND if you're unavailable to take calls. You'll see an error message if your status hasn't updated due to errors like internet outages.

Can a representative place themselves on hold to stop receiving calls?

Yes. A representative can set their status to indicate their activity and to have the routing of calls to them halted. Each agent may select one of the following statuses from the drop-down on the right side of the screen:

  • Available / Global DND
  • Ready
  • Paused
  • Lunch
  • Personal Time
  • Meeting
  • Busy
  • Other

Any status other than "Ready" or "Available" will stop the routing of calls to the agent and will be displayed on the application on the call presence tile.If Global DND is enabled direct and queue calls won't ring an agent. If 'Queue DND' or a similar busy status are active then only queue calls won't ring an agent and they will still be able to get direct calls to their extension or direct number. Remember to switch back to 'Available' or 'Ready' to keep your phone lines open for business!

Call Status Filter - Easily Sort Users By Call Status

The Ringbyname Call Presence or default home screen has new filter functionality built in for your ease of use. R! all ready gave each user the ability to see who’s available, on a call, or ringing, and how long they have been talking from the call presence, but now you can click on the different Status buttons at the top of the screen to see only the calls actively in the status you selected. Each filter updates lightning fast in real time, so you can easily monitor exactly what you want, live as its happening. Call presence can be changed with the "Available" box on the top right of your web app screen. 


  • Call Status filter allows users to view either all call statuses or a specific call status live in real time.
  • Clear concise view of the status of all telephones at a single glance
  • Gives each user the ability to see who’s available, on a call, or ringing, and how long they have been talking
  • Launch calls to internal extensions with a simple click from within the web application


Explanation of Call Status Buttons

A quick glance from the 'All' status setting will allow you to easily see each person's status by color. Or if you have a large company with many users or are possibly only interested in monitoring the "On Call' status setting, the filters are a great way to see only what matters most to you.

 Green = Available

 Yellow = Ringing or Connecting

 Blue = Currently on a Call

 Red = Do Not Disturb

Launching a call to a Co-worker

To launch a call to a co-worker, click on the green phone icon located on the corner of the tile for the co-worker you wish to call. RingByName will initiate a call to your desk phone (or cell phone if enabled), once you pick up it will connect you to the other party.

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