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Desktop Softphone Upgrading to CCaaS

RingByName Desktop Softphone has been updated!

Ringbyname Desktop Softphone is a RingByName app you can download from your Windows Desktop or Apple Mac. It's used to make and receive your business calls without involving your web browser or a physical phone. Useful for working remotely or working without the need for a desk phone or mobile phone. RingByName Desktop Softphone app is a powerful mobile business program you can take with you on your laptop anywhere you go. A full list of all performance updates and bug fixes are below. The guide below is for users who are upgrading to the CCaaS System!

To quickly update your desktop softphone for the CCaaS system, follow the visual guide below!
Open your desktop softphone, and tap the gear, followed by the reset option. 
Next, at your Ringbyname dashboard at 

Select 'Hi <Your Name' at the top right of the screen. A drop down menu should appear.
Here select 'Receive Calls At', then select 'Desktop Softphone'.
A popup will appear. Click on the text 'Click Here' on that popup and your softphone will automatically update to its CCaaS user!

If you are a current customer and you have not already purchased Desktop Softphone licenses, contact Customer Care at 855-345-7464 or e-mail us at For more information on the Desktop Softphone visit our Guide To The Desktop Softphone

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