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How to view missed calls and listen to voicemails

Voicemail And Missed Call Access Have Been Updated!

All voicemails and missed calls have a new home on your Ringbyname OX Dashboard. They can be found under the "Recent Calls" Section once you've logged into your OX Dashboard. Click on the "Recent Calls" phone icon to get started. 

Here you can see and sort all inbound and outbound calls by missed, voicemails, and callbacks. It's important to note this is a user level view. You'll see your direct or department's you belong to's calls. You won't see the missed calls other direct extensions/users miss since you didn't ring for those calls. If another agent answers the department call, you'll see it as an 'inbound answered call' for that department. You can tap on the green phone icons on the far right to call them back, or the blue dialer icon on the top right to bring up the dialer.

The notification tally can be cleared simply by seeing the entries mentioned in the list. Scrolling down is the best way to be sure you've seen all possible recent calls. 

We recommend using the unreturned call report as an aid in returning calls collectively as a department to best ensure every missed call is addressed with a single callback. 

Tapping the voicemail tab will allow you to play and listen live to any of your voicemails. A transcript in text form appears at the bottom of the screen showing a text version of the message. 

There are other ways to access your voicemail. We will email you an MP3 copy to the email you have attached to your user. you can also access your voicemail by dialing into the voicemail system or by calling from outside the office.

Dialing into voicemail from your extension:
DIAL *97 and your own extension number

To dial into your voicemail from outside the office:
Call the main company number on your system. When the greeting answers, dial '*97' to be transferred to the voicemail system. Follow the voice prompts to access your voicemail box (remember to use youe extension number as your voicemail box number). This is only possible if your company number routes to a menu system to give you enough time to dial *97. 

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