Dialer - Webphone Call To and From your Computer / RingBack Make Calls Remotely

RingByName Dialer -  Call To and From your Computer and Make Calls Remotely!

Dialer is a Ringbyname feature used to make and receive calls that show your business number. Useful for working remotely or without the need for a desk phone or mobile phone. It can also be used with desk phones or mobile phones so you can quickly auto-dial contacts from your Ringbyname account. This feature includes both Free and Paid functions.


Dialer can be accessed from the main page on your Ringbyname account. The Dialer has two modes available at the bottom of the dialer page, WebPhone and RingBack.

Ringback mode is a free, included feature that allows you to use any existing cell phones or landlines to make outbound calls as though you are calling from your business number. You can also use it by selecting numbers tied to your Ringbyname contacts for speed dialing.

Clicking on the Dialer Icon shows you the dialer window. You can either paste numbers into the dialer or dial them using the on-screen keys. As you begin entering digits, the Ringbyname system will show any contacts you have matching the number dialed. After selecting the blue phone button in the dialer, you'll see 'Connecting you now' at the top.  

Any phone active on your extension/user will begin ringing. Once you answer the call, it will start a business call from that phone to the party you've dialed. 

If the device you want to make the call from doesn't ring, please check that its enabled in 'Receive Calls At' section found on the top right. The RingBack mode on desktop and mobile app can only make these calls when a desk phone, cell, landline, or mobile app like Zoiper are enabled. 

 WebPhone Mode 

WebPhone Mode is a paid feature that turns your web browser into a powerful, browser desk phone. You can make and receive business calls directly from your Ringbyname account without the need of any cell or deskphone. You only need a headset and microphone to start using the WebPhone mode. For best results, when using webphone we recommend all other devices for your user be disabled.

Once you have a WebPhone License on your account, you need to have it added to your user. Follow the steps below to enable it. 

     1 Login to your RingByName account.

     2. Click on your name at the top-right corner of the screen. Select "Go to System Administration" from the drop-down list.

     3. Click on "RingByName Setup" on the navigation bar along the top of the screen, or "Main Setup".

     4. Click on the "Users" in the selection area in the first column of the main area.

Here you'll see how many licenses you have in the user field.

   5. Select the User you want to add a WebPhone license to, and scroll to the bottom of their User Details where you can enable WebPhone if there are any licenses available. Remember to hit save at the bottom!

Once you have enabled your WebPhone license, you can click on the button at the bottom of your Dialer to switch to WebPhone Mode. 

Much like RingBack Mode, WebPhone Mode lets you either paste numbers into the dialer or dial them using the on-screen keys. As you begin entering digits, the Ringbyname system will show any contacts you have matching the number dialed. After selecting the blue phone button in the dialer, you'll see 'Connecting you now' at the top. Only your Desktop Browser will begin ringing after asking you to enable your Microphone. 

A popup will appear with the contact you've dialed so you can take notes, dial keys, mute your line, put the caller on hold, stop recording the call, transfer the call, add another call, or end the call. 

 If the WebPhone doesn't ring or begin the call you you may need to log out and log back in. Only one WebPhone on each user can be open at a single time. Any new login attempts will see a popup shown below asking to enable the WebPhone for the current session. If you have multiple Ringbyname tabs open the one with the red circle icon has your active WebPhone. 

The Webphone is also able to answer inbound calls. When you get an inbound call, you'll see a popup that includes 'Answer'. Select that option to answer the call on your WebPhone. Inbound calls and outbound calls can both be transferred. If you have more than one active call, you won't be able to perform a transfer, so be sure you transfer any active calls before taking on new calls!

The Webphone can take multiple inbound calls. Any new calls will appear as a new popup as seen below.
Hold/Accept - Puts the first call on hold and accepts the new call. 
End/Accept - Ends the first call and accepts the new call. 
Reject - Rejects the new call. If this is a department call other agents will still be able to answer it. 

Once you've answered a second call using the web phone, you'll see two new options, 'swap' and 'merge' to swap between the two calls or merge them into a 3 way calling conference. You can individually mute and swap them. Currently once merged, calls cannot be unmerged.

If you receive an inbound call and opt to transfer the call, you will be prompted to dial a destination number. Once dialed, you get the option to either 'send transfer' to the new destination or 'cancel transfer' to hang up and return to the original caller. 

Webphone has a built-in stay-awake feature, Auto-reconnect. Even if your computer goes to sleep or your internet connection goes down for a few minutes, your Webphone will immediately attempt to reconnect and provide a clickable popup to reconnect the moment you're ready for calls. 

Currently WebPhone Mode works exclusively with Google Chrome. If you are a current customer and you have not already purchased WebPhone Mode licenses, contact Customer Care at 855-345-7464 or e-mail us at service@ringbyname.com. 

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